A rigorous selection of products dedicated to the transfer of fluids

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2/164 FL series

Pilot-operated valve with coupled piston. Operation without differential pressure. As standard (NC) closed by the force of a spring.

Solenoid valve with extended temperature range. (up to 300 ° C)

Works without differential pressure

Long life expectancy

High quality materials

Reliable and robust sealing elements



Process control

Equipment to control processes in all industrial sectors (oil & gas, chemicals, food) on liquid, gaseous, neutral or charged steam.

Transfer security

Device for protecting installations on physical quantities in action.


Essential equipment for the identification, measurement and reading of data.



Usine chimique


Company founded in 2005, E2I offers a selection of products dedicated to the transfer of fluids. We work particularly with:

  • Design offices

  • Manufacturers of simple and complex machine equipment

  • Maintenance services.

Our teams are all professionals in industrial processes. We are present throughout France via our network of distributors in order to provide you with local service.

Through our rigorous selection of manufacturers who are experts in their fields, all certified ISO 9001 or equivalent, we import a complete range of products meeting the majority of your needs.

We have put in place a procedure allowing you to supply you with products whose design and / or production is 100% French or European.





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